January 2014

Flourish Children’s Foundation

Flourish Children’s Foundation







Flourish Children’s Foundation partners with members of the community to improve the life of kids and families.

The Flourish Children’s Foundation is dedicated to bringing joy and warmth to disadvantaged children and their families through compassion, community charities, live events for children and families and much more.

Stay tuned to watch our new organization as it begins to Flourish and visit our website at www.FlourishChildrensFoundation.org.

Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice is What’s Happening Promotions annual fundraiser benefiting children in the community.

The event was a hit featuring ice slides and ice pits, where kids could play in the snow, a real treat for Floridians. The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office even showed off their helicopter.

Fire and Ice was packed with games, bounce houses, booths with local business information and food. The event proved a success for both families and the community. It ended with a fireworks display as the sun went down.


Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide




Pocket Guide is an accessible, portable book offering students everything they need to get up and going in their new college town.

Pocket Guide provides handy access to student services on campus and it fits in your pocket, of course. A full list of student services, their locations and telephone numbers are included along with the town’s latest advertisements and promotions.

With Pocket Guide new students can find resources for tutoring, academic advising, workout facilities, study areas and more.

WH Publications

What’s Happening Publications and Promotions

What’s Happening Publications and Promotions distributes a wide range of material from magazines to coupon books to thousands of customers. What’s Happening Publications also offers your company the cards, posters, inserts, reprints and marketing collateral that complement your publication or business. dns information Nicentbatcardta

WH Design

What’s Happening Design

At What’s Happening Design, we work with all different businesses’ to amplify their brands along with their products and services so they can reach their unique customers wherever they are. Our innovative ideas, inspiring content and integrated design campaigns flourish in all media channels, whether it be from advertising to social or from print to online.

We believe producing outstanding work comes from the ability to discern how a company’s customers feel and behave. Our creative strategy to creating effective design work is built upon our ability to put ourselves in your customers’ shoes and dig to uncover their world what makes them tick.

For more information, visit www.whatshappeningdesign.com. browser test tool .

Gator Bucks

Gator Bucks

Every year, we distribute thousands of our Gator Bucks coupon book throughout the Gainesville community with our distribution teams. This coupon book is filled with thousands of dollars worth of coupons and discounts from local restaurants and businesses. search by domain . We print one book twice a year and distribute them for free at bookstores, greek houses, student centers and other popular buildings around campus and the Gainesville community. Be on the lookout to score yours today!

Visit the Gator Bucks’ website at www.gatorbucks.com to view some of our deals online! expired domains Scooposasphehor

Company Logos Printed on Anything

What’s Happening Promotions



Promote your business with marketing products featuring your company logo or custom design imprinted on promotional items, trade show gifts, marketing collateral, and more. Utilizing promotional products is a great way to give your brand visibility. Provide your potential clients with fundamental tools packed with a great advertising return on investment.

We offer tons of different products, giving you a diverse platform, from which to spread your company’s message. We can apply your brand to items like bags, pens, cups, and t-shirts. Ask us how we can help you and visit www.whatshappeningpromotions.com. available domains Amman .

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